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Our Founder

Author, Speaker, and Conference Host, Pamela D. White is the founder of Empowering Kingdom Growth Inc and Grieving with Grace Ministries. The focus of Pam’s life work is centered on keeping the heartbeat of the church and community strong through spiritual empowerment while building humanity to overcome and heal through life challenges.  Pam celebrates 25 years of marriage to Darrell white and they both share the parenting joys of Adariuna and her beloved son, the late Dararius, who left her the most precious gift her granddaughter Londyn. Pam serves her community in various capacities through local and national organizations including Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. She has witnessed that all stories are not the same, so Every opportunity given to minister she reminds people of God’s love, power, and grace to transform their lives.

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Who is Pamela D. White?

Pinned by her daughter, Adariuna Evans--When thinking about this task, I thought over and over again and I said didn’t want to do a traditional biography because if you’re in this room I’m sure you know who she is.


So I’ll share some thoughts on who she is to me.


She’s love because that’s something she pours naturally to not only me as her child but to anyone she comes in contact with. She loves with no hesitation but she also loves with purpose.


She’s  "strength" because no matter what she faces, she moves with the same posture and force. Victory is spoken from the beginning to the end. Seeing and hearing how she’s overcome many obstacles in life and has remained the same genuine person, gives me hope to do the same as I grow through life


She’s a believer, but not only is she a believer she’s an active believer. Early in life she taught me that life and death is in the power of your tongue. Speak to your desires until it happens, speak against your obstacle until it has no choice but to leave. But also Trust God


She’s "beauty" because she moves in Grace and remains true to herself, her position, and what’s right in life. Perfection no ? Intentional YES


Knowing this firecracker from a small town called Albany, knowing that she’s lost both parents by the age of 16, knowing how early she had to grow up and make decisions for herself, knowing she lost her only son, knowing she’s lost so many loved ones, knowing she’s overcoming hurts and disappointments but also knowing that through it all she’s a proud wife, a proud friend, a proud sister, a proud mother, a proud leader, a proud entrepreneur, proud giver, a proud God lover, and a proud overcomer through it all makes not only knowing her but being a seed from her even more rewarding. I appreciate the person you are, I appreciate the person you’ll continue to be. I know the things God will do for you will not only touch me but so many others.


Are you dealing with grief and just want someone to lend a listening ear, I am here for you. Let's talk, pray, and grow together!

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