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Grieving with Grace

A place of healing and hope.


Our vision is to bring healing and hope to the broken hearted.


Who should attend? Any mother, child, spouse or sibling of the deceased.


GWG is hosted by Empowering Kingdom Growth (EKG). In 2021, it was the first of its kind in this area where the primary focus was to empower and encourage those who have experienced grief. It is a free event thanks to many local sponsors throughout the parish and St Tammany Parish. The event is comprised of Ambassadors (Team Leads), Intercessors, and Other Servants. Organizations and Business owners are encouraged to partner with EKG to continue to provide a space for information to be shared to impact and influence their healing.


This event was birthed out of a traumatic place for the host, Pamela D. White. On December 28, late in the night she received a call that her son had been murdered. He hadn’t died yet, but the next seven day of her life was painful and unpredictable. Nevertheless, her faith and focus on God helped to produce purpose from her pain. She has had the privilege to share her story of how God walked her from a place of grief to Grace!


We look forward to continuing to provide a space of hope and healing with our Partners. 

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